Val de Vie accepts the Spekboom Challenge

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Once again, Val de Vie is doing their part for the environment by taking part in the Spekboom Challenge, having planted over 3000 new Spekboom trees across the estate and they plan to keep on doing more for the environment by encouraging their residents, friends and family to take part in this great cause. 

The challenge brings awareness to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air around us. It has been said that if each person plants 10 new Spekboom trees in 2020, it will dramatically help fight against these alarming CO2 statistics.

Spekboom, also known as Elephant's foot, is being called a "wonder plant" and its proudly South African. Indigenous to the Western Cape, this little plant not only adapts to its environment but has many uses, both medicinal and environmental. It's water-wise, high in nutritional value and been know to live up to 200 years. For more information about this amazing plant, click the link ->

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