What are Conduct Rules?

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In gated estates, Conduct Rules are created to help the residents understand the general running of the estate as well as the Do's and Don'ts set out by the estate Body Corporate,

Residents can use these rules as a general Q&A for situations that may arise within the estate, such as using the estate facilities or who needs to maintain the garden. Many estate are requesting that residents sign the Conduct Rules prior to moving in to ensure they understand the general running of the estate prior to moving in. Most accredited agents will assist with this (see previous article) The Body Corporate may elect to add or change some of the contact rules, possibly to accommodate or adapt to recent events. These changes are discussed at the AGM and once the process is complete, all residents and owners will be notified of the change.

So make sure you read and fully understand your rules. You don't want to be a bad neighbour. 

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