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Winter decor and warmth


Winter decor and warmth

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Winter 2020 has arrived and it hasn't gone unnoticed. One of the biggest downfalls of winter is the increase in our electrical bill. Now is the time to change your home environment to keep the cold out and the cozy heat in without breaking the bank. Here are a couple of easy fixes you can do to make your home more comfortable and stylish for the winter season.

Decorating a room is simple and should be fun. While you might think that a room or house makeover for a season means changing everything, simply change a few key items will give you the results that you desire.

1. Duck, duck, goose.

One of the biggest and long term investments you can make in this reno is purchasing a duck down or goose down duvet. These duvets have a longer life span than synthetic materials and will last you for years to come. Once you purchase one of these duvets, you won't want to sleep with any other duvet again.

2. Change up the flooring

While tiles, laminate, and vinyl flooring have become a popular trend over the years due to the low maintenance, they aren't the warmest flooring materials to have in your house in winter. Adding a simple carpet or area rug in a room can make all the difference. If you want something seasonal, don't get anything too big as you may want to roll it up and store it in the summer.

3. Let in the light

If you have blinds, maybe consider, temporarily, changing the curtains. Open them during the day to let the heat come in and close them before the sun goes down to keep the heat inside. If you want, creating a layered look can also work in your home. Be sure to also check your windows for any gaps or holes that may be letting the cold air in. They may be small by they make a big difference.

4. Make it lush with some plush

Adding cushions to your bed or couch not only adds to the warmth but can change the feel of the room. From light and sea-breeze to luxurious and refined, it's a quick and simple. Not to mention they protect the bed from the cold air in the room and who wants that?

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