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Make Your Home Pet Friendly


Make Your Home Pet Friendly

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Homes that allow pets are in high demand. A dog-friendly garden will not only benefit animals, but it may also increase the value of a homeowner's property. 


1. Choosing the right plants

Did you know that certain flowers and plants are toxic to dogs if consumed? Azaleas, lilies, daffodils, sago palms, tulips, and hyacinths are some of the most prevalent plant species to avoid. In addition, other common plants that may be toxic to dogs are Geranium and Peonies; thus, it is important to check with your veterinarian and/or local plant nursery before planting anything. 

2. Choose the right garden care

 Fertilizers and mulch may also be detrimental to your fur babies. They should be carefully studied prior to use in a pet-friendly garden. Ask your nursery for pet-friendly fertilizer.

3. Boundary walls are key

It may be expensive to construct a secure perimeter wall or fence, but it will be well worth it for the protection of your cat and dogs. With safety and security being a major concern for South African purchasers, a well-fenced yard may significantly boost the selling value of your house. Based on the type of dog, carefully evaluate the fence's height and durability to prevent your pet from escaping the backyard. Moreover, take care to maintain any fencing so that your dog does not get splinters or wounds from deteriorating boundary walls. 

4. Extra care

Many dog breeds, especially those bred for colder regions, may find the South African summers unbearable. It is crucial to give your dog some type of shade to avoid overheating. Placing some extra water bowls in the backyard will also help keep your pets hydrated while you are at work. Placing them near a door will also indicate to unwelcome guests that there are animals on the property and make them consider entering your home.


There are several methods to make any outdoor area more secure and pleasurable for man's best friend. Getting creative can also be a cost-effective way as well as creating a unique garden for you to enjoy.

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