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Make Small Areas Feel Bigger


Make Small Areas Feel Bigger

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Apartments are the appropriate initial step onto the property ladder for the majority of first-time purchasers due to their affordability; however, the trade-off is sometimes quite small living areas, particularly in older buildings where units still have separate living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. 

Most new investors won't be able to instantly pay to open up the living space, and renters don't have that choice. Even so, there are a lot of décor tips that will make a world of difference. 


1. Design your floor plan 

There is very little, if any, room for mistake when space is so constrained, so preparing ahead is essential. Before making any purchases, the first step is to check that the layout you have in mind will meet your needs. 

Use your imagination and a pen to generate layout alternatives. Determine the precise dimensions of the intended furniture and compare them to the available space. 


2. Doors 

Conventional doors use a surprising amount of space, particularly in tiny rooms where space is already at a premium. 

If you own the property and have a little budget for small renovations, eliminating doors, enlarging entrances, and elevating them to the ceiling can go a long way toward creating a roomier, more open atmosphere. If you want to maintain room separation, sliding barn doors are an excellent choice. 


3. Trick the eye with mirrors 

Mirrors may be used to quickly give the appearance of space, and the larger they are, the better. By reflecting both light and interior design, the mirror will provide a sense of more space. 

This works best with a consistent bright and warm color scheme, but it may be used in any room. Soft grays and fall hues are now highly fashionable. Remember that a new coat of paint is the simplest and least costly method to spruce up your home. 


4. Illuminate 

To save floor and table space, forgo standing and tabletop lights and instead choose for lighting that can be mounted to the walls or hanging from the ceiling. 


5. Strategic seating 

Depending on the number of people in your household, there are a variety of innovative solutions. Singles who lack space for a couch and chairs might forego the sofa in favor of two comfy armchairs positioned towards each other for intimate conversations. 

If you need extra sitting, use corner seating with an L-shaped sofa, which will accommodate more people and free up more room. A swing chair suspended from the ceiling in a room's corner provides an extra choice for additional sitting. 


6. Functional decor 

Use ottomans instead of standard tables to maximize your space. You may place trays on top to keep flowers and magazines, use them as additional sitting when visitors arrive, and use them as footrests while watching television. 

If you like more traditional tables, use two small tables instead of a giant coffee table, which is excellent for traffic flow and can be readily relocated. 


7. Choose a big floor rug 

Tiny rugs visually divide the floor, but a bigger rug suddenly enlarges the space. They also assist to anchor the area and, if brightly patterned or colored, maybe a terrific focal point for the remainder of the room's décor. 


8. Exhibit art strategically 

Build a gallery wall to increase or emphasize the room's height. Instead, choose a single large-scale artwork that will create the appearance of space due to its sheer size. 


9. Optimise vertical space 

The idea is to maximize every available square inch, and when it comes to storage, the most underutilized area is the walls. Wall-mount your television with a floating shelf underneath it for decoders and remotes; corner-mounted floating shelves are ideal for storing books and other items.


While it's easier to make a living area feel bigger, the one room we all know to have limited space is the bedroom. Click here to read some helpful tips for making your bedroom feel bigger.

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