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Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger


Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

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In many homes, there is barely enough room for a queen-sized bed and a nightstand. Interior designers have a plethora of design tactics at their disposal and are experts at making a tiny bedroom feel larger, but you can execute many of these tricks yourself. 


1. Make walls seem taller 

In a space with low ceilings, the use of walls as optical illusions is common. Visually raising a low ceiling, hanging a curtain rail higher, adding floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and painting vertical stripes on a wall or walls all draw the eye upwards. You may use the same techniques to make any tiny space seem larger. It is also a common technique for making small courtyards and tight places seem larger. 

If you want a space to seem bigger or the ceiling to be higher, vertical stripes are a good choice. Contemplate using vinyl wallpaper in a small bathroom or entryway. Vertical stripes with striking contrasts will not deceive the eye into believing the space is bigger, but they will serve as an eye-catching accent. 


2. Use minimalistic furnishings 

Everyone is aware of how much space furniture can use. In a room, pieces such as bedside tables, a bathroom bench, or a cabinet or chest of drawers. Huge pieces of furniture use vast amounts of floor space, which may be put to much greater use to make a tiny room seem less claustrophobic. 

Although still being functional, furniture with reduced proportions will occupy much less room. Consider small, tall nightstands and cabinets, a slim chest of drawers, or a wardrobe. Even if you can't find what you're looking for, learn how simple it is to design unique furniture for your house via DIY. 

Storage is necessary for any area, but especially in the bedroom and bathroom, so it makes sense to choose storage that does not use a great deal of floor space yet provides enough storage space. Even though a bedside cabinet is somewhat taller than the bed, tall and narrow is the optimal choice. Moreover, if you build it yourself, you may combine drawers, shelves, and closed cupboard storage into a tall, thin bathroom storage cabinet. 


3. Highlight specifics and characteristics 

If you are not a fan of painted or wallpapered vertical stripes, there are other alternatives. Consider a bedroom, for instance, where the bed is the focal point, and adding to it is simple. Choose a headboard with a higher profile than one that stands directly over the bed, or use a wall gallery to provide height above the headboard. Both of these will draw the viewer's attention upwards, away from the size of the room. 

There are several methods to incorporate elements that will give interest to a tiny room while also making the area look bigger. Consider wall panels with moulding detail in tall panels to provide character and architectural interest. 

Mirror panels placed on each side of the bed or headboard are an additional simple method to add height to a bedroom. They are also great for bouncing light about the room, providing visual interest, and making a small bedroom seem larger.


Now that you know how to make your bedroom feel big, Click here to find out how you can make all areas feel a bit more spacious 

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