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There has been a recent trend in the media to begin ranking the top estates from across South Africa. It goes without saying that these have primarily featured the most opulent settings with facilities galore. Sprawling golf estates, equestrian paddocks and country manor castles are said to be the true definition of a dream home. 

Whilst those listed are no doubt impressive, the list does beg the question of what a ‘good estate’ is. Not only is the question one of subjective taste, but also the circumstances of the home owner or tenant. 

A quaint, isolated setting would be pure nirvana for retirees, but it would be a nightmare for a young family who spend their mornings on various school runs. What of the sizeable mansions that are set within a poorly situated estate? Would they prove to be a sound investment or is it likely to become a headache of continuous overcapitalization? 

In these times of possible economic recession and political uncertainty, the primary factors to consider is effective security services and reasonable levies. As an increasing percentage of properties are now found within a secured perimeter, the exclusivist tag associated with estates is slowly being dismantled. 

Today, a wider segment of the population enjoys the benefits of gated communities, leading us to develop our own version of Maslow’s famed Hierarchy of Needs. In order, these would include: 

1.    Electrified Perimeter  
2.    Access Control 
3.    Internal Patrols 
4.    Children’s Play Area 
5.    Walking/Jogging Paths 
6.    Swimming Pool 
7.    Lifestyle Centre 
8.    Gym/Sports Courts 
9.    Golf Course/Equestrian Facilities 
10.    Restaurant   

This is based on the feedback that we have received from the hundreds of estates that we interact with. What would your list of needs be?      


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