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Tips for finding the perfect home


Tips for finding the perfect home

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Tips for finding the perfect home

Buying a home is not the easiest decision to make. So many variables can influence your final choice that it’s hard to know if the house is actually the perfect home for you and your family, or if the right one is still out there.

Finding a nice house is always exciting but with such large costs at stake, you want to be absolutely sure that it’s the perfect home. Here are some hints and signs that the home you’re viewing will be the one to buy:

  1. Does the house can cater to all your needs?- The perfect home will meet your requirements and will have all the facilities and features you’re looking for, the right number of rooms for each family member (plus a spare if you need), a beautiful and spacious kitchen if you’re a foodie, a pool or Jacuzzi if you like to cool off in summer and a large patio if you’re a social family. There should be ample parking if you own cars and a perfectly-sized garden if you want one.
  2. Can you can afford the house?- Any nice house can be your perfect home, but you need to be realistic about the price. If you can afford the house and all the additional transfer fees, then it’s meant to be yours. If you love the house but it is just too expensive, don’t lose heart or try to push to afford it. You’ll end up hating the property if it restricts you financially for the next 20 years. ​
  3. Do you picture your furniture in the house?- If you are able to imagine your own furniture in the rooms, this is a good sign that you want it. Picturing your life in a few years’ time in the house is also a great way to tell if you like the home.
  4. Do you feel like the home is yours before you make the offer?- This is a great sign that the home is suited to you. The instant you walk into the property, you should be able to tell if it’s yours, even if you haven’t bought it yet. Don’t be disheartened if your offer is turned down as this is not likely to be the only property to make you feel this way. Keep searching until you find the one.
  5. Do you feel safe?- Safety and security is a major deal in South Africa. The right house will be one where you feel secure and has all the necessary security features. Alarm systems and fast-response security teams are make-or-break features of homes for potential buyers.
  6. Are you excited to tell people about it?- If you can’t wait to tell your friends and family that you have found an amazing home, then recognise this as a sign. Houses that don’t interest or excite are clearly not meant to be bought by you. You need to feel a flutter of happiness when you think about the property.
  7. Do you want to stop the search for homes after seeing one- After seeing an amazing property, you’ll want to end the search as anything you find no longer appeals to you. If you’re not sold on different locations and houses after seeing the perfect home, then make an offer on the one you love.
  8. Do you not want to leave?- If you find yourself wanting to look around more than once just to prolong the viewing, then maybe the house should be yours. Similarly, if you find yourself driving past the house a few times after seeing it, then it means you most probably want it. ​
  9. Is your mind consumed by thoughts of the property?- If you find yourself constantly thinking about the house, even when you sleep, then consider putting in an offer soon. Your subconscious mind will know what it wants and will keep bringing it to the fore until you act on it.

These signs are significant in leading you to own your dream home. They don’t all need to happen at once, but knowing how to recognise them over time is going to help you find the perfect home.

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