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Tips For a Stress-Free Move


Tips For a Stress-Free Move

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Tips for a stress-free move


Moving homes is not the easiest thing to do and in the last couple of weeks of the month, the stress begins to rise. The list of items to pack, unpack and going back and forth from each.

Don’t leave your packing to the last minute, start as soon as you know that you will be moving into another home. These handy tips will make your move as stress-free as possible.

  • Firstly, sort and complete one room at a time and be strict when sorting through your belongings. You need to decide on what to pack and what can be bombed. Make piles for the items you want to donate, sell or throw away. The less junk you have to actually pack, the easier your move becomes.
  • If possible, measure the dimensions of your new home before actually moving. This will let you know if you need to remove your bed legs to fit through the door, or if your couch will actually fit up the stair-way.
  • Before rushing out and spending money on bubble wrap for your glassware and plates, consider wrapping them in newspaper or clothing. Pack plates vertically to prevent cracks or breakages. Put spices and soup packets etc into your pots and pans.
  • Pack clothes into suitcases and use black bin liners to transport shoes and extra clothing. One useful hack is to pile the clothes on coat hangers together.
  • Put toiletries in zip-lock bags to prevent leakages and unwanted mess.
  • Pack an overnight bag with clothes, pyjamas, medication, toiletries and anything else you will need during the first two days in your new home.
  • Pack essential items such as the kettle, coffee, sugar, food and a few crockery items into one box. Label it clearly and open it first when unpacking. This will give you some basic amenities before getting stuck into the rest of the boxes​.
  • Keep all of your important documents (such as ID, passport, certificates and contracts) in a plastic folder that is easily accessible.
  • For electronic goods with lots of wires (such as HiFi stereos, PlayStations, Xbox’s, computers etc.), take a photo of the back of the item to remember where the wires go.
  • Label all your boxes with the contents - this may seem mundane, but you will thank yourself when it comes to trying to remember which box has, what you’re needing inside it.
  • Clean your new home and wipe down surfaces before unpacking everything. This will make the job quicker and easier without having to move clutter out of the way.
  • Like you did with the packing, tackle one room at a time when unpacking. Make your beds first and unpack your overnight bag with toiletries etc. Then, deal with the kitchen next. The rest of the rooms can be organised in order of necessity. ​
  • Don’t forget to defrost your freezer and switch off your fridge and geyser before leaving your old home. This will save money and energy.

Follow these tips and it will make your move easier than you thought, and most importantly, won't take the fun out of settling into a new home. One final note worth remembering is to choose a removal company that has a good reputation and is competent. Do your research to find the best company, even if it means spending a little more money - they take better care of your precious furniture and are more timely than small fly-by-night companies.


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