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Home needing a Refresh?


Home needing a Refresh?

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A home is so much more than a collection of bricks; it's a personal sanctuary where we can raise our families, welcome friends, celebrate milestones, and create unforgettable moments.

Here are a few easy and quick tips for you to consider when you start this project to a refreshed home.


1. Strive to maintain a clutter-free home by decluttering it.

According to Marie Kondo, a crowded environment is far more likely to generate and contribute to a cluttered mind, and research from Princeton University confirms that an excess of disorganized inputs overwhelms the brain. Start small with a bathroom or spare room, which will offer you an immediate sense of success and encourage you to go on to the next room. 

You'll be astonished at how much money you may earn by selling items you no longer need. The remainder could well be donated to a charitable organization. Don't overlook the entryway, since it sets the tone and ensures a pleasant welcome for you and your visitors. Get a welcome mat, arrange a vase of vibrant, fresh flowers on a table, and keep the area clear of clutter. After you've cleaned your whole home, you'll discover that you can devote your time and energy to what's genuinely essential in your life. 


2. Freshen it up 

If your environment is dull and drab, you will feel the same way. Refreshing fading walls with a new coat of paint or refinishing wooden railings or window frames are cost-effective methods to improve the ambiance. 


3. Fresh Scents  

The way a home smells is just as essential as its design since fragrance has the ability to elevate or depress our emotions. 

Use essential oil diffusers or scented candles to give your home a pleasant aroma. Lavender and chamomile are calming aromas, whilst eucalyptus may ease cold-induced nasal congestion. 


4. Customize your environment 

Again, it's not about current trends, and it's essential that your home reflects your personality in order for you to feel relaxed there. Before making significant changes, consider who you are and what you appreciate. 

Extroverts, for example, are more stimulated by the world around them, thus they tend to like a more sensory-rich environment, but introverts may feel overwhelmed when surrounded by strong patterns and brighter colors. 


5. Create a relaxing environment. 

Choose a space in your house where you can establish a little sanctuary since we all need downtime. This might be a cozy reading area, a hammock in the yard, or even spa elements in your bathroom. 


6. Prioritise convenience 

If you can afford to replace your aging equipment, you should do so. Even a new kettle or toaster that does not scorch one side of the bread will make your life somewhat simpler and if your budget allows, consider purchasing a gas stove since it will actually transform your life in this day of frequent power outages. 


7. Work Is Work, Home Is Home 

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the competing demands of work and family life if you work from home, thus it is necessary to compartmentalize your house for distinct purposes. 

Create a designated work space as far away from the primary living area as possible; if you have a spare room with a door, that's even better. It is also beneficial to have a place apart from home and family distractions where you can take work breaks and possibly practice yoga. 


8. Bring the outside in 

In addition to bringing color and vitality into your house, plants also provide oxygen to your living environment, which will all contribute to your sense of well-being.

But, consider the quantity of care you're willing to provide when picking plants since, while the ritual of keeping them may be very therapeutic, if you are a low-maintenance person, high-maintenance plants are more likely to increase stress levels than lower them. 


9. Showcase significant items 

The act of decluttering will assist you in determining which items have significance and which you no longer want or desire. If an item doesn't offer you happiness or serve a significant function, it's probably just taking up space. 

It's not about the newest trends in interior design; it's about how an item makes you feel, so if you love that worn-out carpet in your bedroom, keep it. 


10. Lighten up 

Not only can natural light make a space look lighter, brighter, and more spacious, but it is also believed to improve our health and mood and make us feel more alert and energized. Hence, leave the curtains and shutters open throughout the day and, if possible, include fresh sources of natural light. 


With a few simple changes, you can create a whole new feel to the same old home. Got any tips or tricks? Share them on our Facebook page -


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