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Life on Fairview Estate

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Experience the joy of farm-fresh milk straight from our contented Jersey herd to your table! Deja-moo operates as a boutique dairy, prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, including keeping calves with their mothers and sharing milk between calf and human consumption. Our range of products includes whole milk, skimmed milk, chocolate milk, butter, yogurt, chocolate chip skimmed yogurt, and buttermilk, with more options coming soon. Join our milking herd through a herd share program and receive dairy delights twice a week, conveniently delivered to your doorstep if you reside in Fairview.

Note: Deliveries are currently limited to Fairview residents, but expansion plans are in the works. Stay tuned or secure your slice of Fairview living now!

Embracing a sustainable farming ethos, Fairview offers the opportunity to join the Macadamia Co-op, where farmers can engage in small-to-medium-scale commercial farming by cultivating macadamia nuts on their smallholdings. This arrangement allows inexperienced farmers to earn additional income while benefiting from the expertise of our Farm Manager. With 40 members and 130 hectares of planted macadamia trees as of February 2024, the co-op presents a promising opportunity for agricultural enthusiasts.

The Fairview Equestrian Association (FEA), a nonprofit organization, welcomes families residing in Fairview Estates to join forces in creating social and recreational opportunities for equestrian enthusiasts. From family-friendly rides to exciting events and potential competitions, the FEA caters to riders of all skill levels. Members are encouraged to contribute ideas for the proposed horse arena, enhancing the equestrian experience for Fairview residents living their equine dreams.

Under the umbrella of the Fairview Estates Farmers Association (FEFA), the Bee Friendly Committee (BFC) oversees beekeeping practices within the community. Comprising experts in beekeeping, agriculture, and botany, the BFC ensures responsible hive management, safety compliance, and sustainable bee habitats across the estate. Current members include the FEFA Estate Manager, representatives from the Fairview Macadamia Agricultural Co-op (FMac), a botanical consultant, and a beekeeper.

Discover an extensive network of riding, running, and walking trails managed by Holla Trails, spanning over 375 kilometers within and around Fairview. Whether you're a mountain biker, trail runner, or nature enthusiast, Fairview Estates promises an unparalleled outdoor experience. With Holla Trails seamlessly integrated into our community, adventure awaits right outside your door. Fairview Farmers enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on annual memberships as a special perk!

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