Johannesburg is Changing its Rules for Boomed Areas

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The City of Johannesburg has invited members of the public to attend a public information meeting to explain the new process of applying for permanent road closures. This follows the approval of a revised security access restriction policy at a prior council meeting.

Over the last year, the transport department conducted a review, including a public participation process of the security access restriction policy”, the department said.

This was as a result of a request by the executive mayor, Herman Mashaba, as well as requests from residents for changes especially as to whether they can use electronic devices such as remotes and push buttons.”

 “We had a very healthy process of public participation and I believe the revised policy will both make it easier for existing resident bodies to balance the security and convenience needs as well as the right of freedom of movement of residents and workers in their areas and also lead to increased compliance by residents to the policy”, said Makhuba.

Mayoral committee member Nonhlanhla Makhuba, said that the council has introduced a number of changes both in the policy and its administration, which will make it more user-friendly.

The number of changes in the policy include:

  1. Allowing resident associations to use automation such as remotes and push buttons under certain conditions. These conditions require that any automation should be actively managed through human intervention.
  2. Allowing pedestrian gates to be locked for certain hours at night when there is a proven security consideration.
  3. Requiring Public Safety (Emergency Management Services and JMPD) to comment on proposed applications before any City approval
  4. Requiring road signage at the entrances to the closure, which must indicate the period of validity of a security access restriction.
  5. While the first approval of a security access restriction only last two years in terms of legislation, renewals can be for a longer period on application by the applicant.
  6. Provision for explanatory notes that will be issued from time to time to respond to changes in technology or circumstances and which can assist applicants in preparing their applications.

The city said that its transport department and the Johannesburg Roads Association (JRA) have also produced new simplified forms for both new and renewal applications, which are available on their respective websites.

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