Accredidted Agents

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As the growth of gated communities is increasing across South Africa, many estates have started to implement an accreditation process thereby controlling which agents and agencies are able to sell homes in their community. 

Many people ask why accreditation is now becoming an industry-standard amongst gated estates and how does it affect them? The answer is simple - maintaining a standard and ensuring everything is done correctly. 

In most cases, any agent/agency can become accredited provided they meet the requirements set by the estate. Some of these requirements include being a full status agent, in-depth training of the estate itself and ensuring they have full training on the documents required for the purchase or sale of a property. Some estates require once-off fees like a levy stabilization funds or purchasers to sign the estate/clubhouse rules. This accreditation training will ensure that agents are able to answer any questions you may have regarding these particular things or the estate itself.

Most importantly, this kind of accreditation ensures that you will have access to the estate on moving day as security often being a main reason why many people buy or move into an estate.

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